Interview with a Selphyl® client in Calgary**

* Treatment results may vary for each individual. Here is one guest’s story.

“I’m not one to buy into the latest fads, particularly when they’re embraced by the likes of Kim Kardashian. I’m decidedly not a fan of faux-reality stars and I’ll never be rushing out to emulate any of them. Yet there was some pretty compelling scientific evidence to support the validity of the use of your own blood for facial rejuvenation, so I decided to delve deeper and do some additional research.

I was relieved to discover very quickly that the treatment isn’t nearly as dramatic as it sounds

I was relieved to discover very quickly that the treatment isn’t nearly as dramatic as it sounds, nor as bloody as the photos circulating on social media of Kim Kardashian and supermodel Bar Rafaeli. In fact, unless you’re watching the blood being drawn from your arm before the procedure, you won’t actually see any blood. It won’t be smeared all over your face like the celebrity photos; that visual is crafted by the process of ‘micro-needling’, where tiny punctures are made superficially into the skin and the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is spread over the skin to encourage growth of new cells and collagen. But let me back up a bit to explain about the process.

After the blood is drawn, it’s spun in a special centrifuge to extract platelets that encourage stem cells and stimulate collagen production. That’s PRP – platelet rich plasma. After that, it’s injected back into the skin in the areas you wish to treat.

I won’t spend too much time explaining the process and science behind the treatment. You can read lots about that by clicking here or here. Instead, I’ll share my personal experience.

As a spa writer, I researched the non-surgical facelift using Selphyl and PRP for a story over a year ago. Then, when I hit my 50th birthday, I decided it was time to give it a try. During my consultation with Dr. Lourens at Age Management Institute in Calgary, she explained the process and addressed my expectations. What intrigued me most was the notion of improving skin texture and tone. Of course I was happy with the idea of reducing lines and wrinkles, too!

One of my biggest hurdles is the fact that I’m extremely squeamish when it comes to blood. But it wasn’t an issue

One of my biggest hurdles is the fact that I’m extremely squeamish when it comes to blood. But it wasn’t an issue, as during the drawing of blood and throughout the treatment, I simply chose to keep my eyes closed. I had specifically requested Dr. Lourens not provide too much detailed commentary on what she was doing throughout the process. I find my imagination can run a little wild when provided a little information. She was happy to oblige and as she worked, she engaged me in casual conversation with brief interjections when she needed to prepare me for the next step. Her voice is very soothing and she has a keen sense of humour, so the time really flew by.

Does a Selphyl® PRP Facelift hurt?

Does it hurt? That’s one of the questions I’m asked most often. Honestly, no – I can’t say it hurt. At times there was a sense of discomfort while the fluid was being injected back into my face. For people who have received cosmetic fillers in their face before, it’s the same feeling. (Except if your only experience is having your lips injected. I’ve heard that can hurt!)

When she was working around my temples, it was a little unnerving for me and I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps because I could hear or sense the injections more in that area? Whatever the reason, it wasn’t due to any pain and Dr. Lourens kept chatting to keep my focus elsewhere.

Immediately after the treatment, I looked in the mirror and could definitely see the positive results of where the filler had been utilized. The real test would be in six to eight weeks when the full results would be apparent, but we are a society seeking instant gratification, so I was thrilled to have some visible benefits right away.

Prior to the treatment, Dr. Lourens had warned me that there could be some swelling and chance of bruising. She had even sent me an information sheet advising on what food, drinks and medications to avoid for the 3 – 4 days prior to receiving the treatment. Of course I had promptly ignored several items on the list. For me, the culprits were red wine, sushi and ginger. An unfortunate oversight on my part as you’ll see in the photos. However, I take full responsibility for behaving like a petulant child and ignoring her advice.

Six hours after Vampire Facelift in Calgayr

About six hours after the non-surgical facelift,
my face was definitely swollen and a bruise was beginning to appear.



The day after my Vampire Facelift


By the next morning, most of the swelling had disappeared
but the bruises were becoming more obvious.

2 days after Vampire Facelift in Calgary

Two days post-treatment, the swelling
was completely gone
and the bruises were already starting to fade.



Four months after Vampire Facelift in Calgary

Now, four months later, I’m thrilled with the outcome! My skin is softer, the texture feels smoother and some of the fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared. Overall, my skin looks younger and healthier – but natural. I’ve even received compliments on my skin from friends – and a physician who was unaware I’d received the treatment.


At 50 years old and for someone who spent far too much time in the sun in my younger years, I’m thrilled to be receiving compliments on my skin. That’s never happened before!


Frequently Asked Questions About A Selphyl® Non-Surgical Facelift

Does a Selphyl® facelift hurt?

No, I didn’t feel it was a painful procedure. There were times when it felt a bit uncomfortable but I can’t say it hurt. I understand that everyone’s pain threshold is different, but this wasn’t a big deal for me.

Are you happy with the results of your treatment?

So happy! Just disappointed I didn’t try it sooner. I had been kicking it around and considering it for over a year before I finally tried it. Now that I’ve seen the results, I highly recommend it.

What is the best outcome you’ve experienced from Selphyl®?

For me, the improvement in the texture and tone of my skin is what I’m happiest about! And having some fullness restored. And fewer lines and wrinkles. Okay – I guess I have lots of best outcomes and can’t pinpoint one. And I love that it’s pretty natural. I mean, it’s using your own blood!

Would you do it again?

Absolutely! Without hesitation.

What do you recommend to others considering having a Selphyl® non-surgical facelift?

Finding someone who is experienced and skilled with this treatment is critical. This is really an art form as you want to look rejuvenated and natural, not ‘done’. You’ve got to be comfortable and confident with the doctor. (I highly recommend Dr. Lourens at Age Management Institute. She’s the most experienced Selphyl injector in Calgary)

Oh – and follow the doctor’s anti-bruising recommendations. That’s a real “do as I say, not as I do” comment. I’m convinced the bruising I experienced was due to my food and drink choices in the days preceding the treatment. I was warned and should know better!

Any other tips?

Just relax. It’s a great treatment with excellent results.”

-Wanda Love

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* Note: This personal review was written by Wanda Love. She has been a client of Age Management Institute since 2012 – and likes us so much, she has joined our team assisting with some of our marketing initiatives. She paid for her Vampire Facelift and was so pleased with the results, she offered to share her story here.