As a physician, guests often ask me for weight loss and weight management tips. Here are my top 5 recommendations for weight loss.

Need to lose a few pounds? You will struggle to lose weight if:

  1. You eat too little food, especially protein. Really.  Some of the best sources of protein to aid weight loss are chicken or turkey (skinless), lean beef, pork tenderloin and seafood.
  2. You eat fruits with high sugar content. You’re eating lots of fruit but those stubborn pounds refuse to budge?  Fruits like bananas, citrus and tropical fruit are high in sugar. You’re better to stick with berries, apples and pears for weight loss.
  3. You drink milk and eat high fat cheese. Dairy products are converted to sugar. And we all know sugar won’t help you lose the pounds.
  4. You consume alcohol. Your body metabolizes sugar of any kind the same way – and yes, you guessed it – wine and other alcohols contain sugar.
  5. You eat bread. Plain and simple, refined carbs inhibit weight loss. And sorry to say, this includes pasta as well. And no, whole wheat bread won’t help, either.

Remember, these changes don’t have to be permanent. Wine and cheese at a healthy weight is something to enjoy!

If you’re struggling and need help with weight loss, we have several options available. Just give us a call at 403.265.4142.

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