THERACURMIN – A Potent Anti-Inflammatory

The Healing Force of Curcumin

Curcumin is the yellow pigment in turmeric, the chief ingredient in curry. Turmeric has been harvested for thousands of years, and has played an important role in many traditional cultures as both food and medicine. Today, curcumin is the subject of intense scientific interest, due to its tremendous therapeutic potential.

Benefits of Curcumin:

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces tissue damage and combats “silent inflammation,” a major factor in the development of virtually every major chronic degenerative disease
  • Unique antioxidant that protects against both water and fat-soluble toxins
  • Helps protect the liver
  • Relieves pain due to osteoarthritis
  • Improves the moisture content of your skin
  • Reduces exercise-induced oxidative stressTheracurmin anti-inflammatory
  • Improves periodontal health

Until recently, the main limitation on curcumin’s effectiveness has been poor absorption by the body.

Theracurmin by Bioclinic Naturals is an advanced, highly bio-available form of curcumin produced by a natural process that dramatically improves absorption, making Theracurmin over 300 times more bio-available than any other curcumin powder.

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