Sculptra – long lasting facial filler

Sculptra – the long-lasting facial fillerSculptra in Calgary

Are you looking for longer-lasting results from fillers to restore volume to your face? Sculptra can last up to two years!

Sculptra truly helps sculpt your face by restoring lost volume to the areas that need it. Sculptra injections plump up facial wrinkles and folds by helping rebuild lost collagen for subtle, long-lasting results.

Derived from a fruit acid, Sculptra is biodegradable. The poly-L-lactic acid works deep within the skin, stimulating the growth of collagen. As Sculptra  slowly breaks down, it is naturally absorbed and metabolized by the body while the collagen remains.

The final results emerge gradually and naturally, and each subsequent session builds on the last, as Calgary Age Management’s anti-aging expert, Dr. Lizette Lourens, observes how the skin and wrinkles are responding.

Want to see how Sculptra works? Check out this video.

Frequently asked questions about long-lasting Sculptra

What happens after the treatment? Is there any downtime?

Sculptra treatments are minimally invasive but many guests experience some swelling, which can be treated by applying ice packs. The swelling generally disappears within a day or two so you may wish to consider having your treatment when there aren’t any big social events on your calendar the following day!

As with most injectables, you may experience some bruising but at Calgary Age Management Institute, we have a few tips on how you can reduce that risk.

What areas of the face can be treated with Sculptra?

Sculptra can be used to ‘sculpt’ many areas on the face:

  • Temples
  • Cheeks
  • Marionette lines (at the corners of the mouth)
  • Nasolabial folds (sides of the nose down towards the mouth)
  • Jaw line
  • Chin
  • Can also be used to diminish the appearance of scars

“Sculptra is extremely useful in treating a face that has lost a lot of volume and a large amount of fillers would be required yearly. And it’s a great option to treat difficult areas such as hollow cheeks, where fillers are not effective,” notes Dr. Lourens, anti-aging expert at Age Management in Calgary and Canmore.

With some fillers, the results are visible immediately. Will I see that with Sculptra also?How Sculptra works

You may see some ‘plumping’ that’s visible immediately, however that’s just from the liquid that has been injected. That will disappear quickly. The real results of Sculptra will slowly appear; it takes collagen a little bit of time to grow but will last much longer!

Why are multiple treatments of Sculptra usually required?

The improvement will be noticeable gradually and at each session we evaluate the results and build on them.  Some guests only require one treatment. And after we have achieved your desired look, the results can last up to two years!

How many sessions does Sculptra require?

On average, three to five sessions over two to three months will produce the optimum results. As the collagen is regenerating, you will see the wrinkles and lines slowly diminish, allowing for a beautiful, natural, rejuvenated appearance.

How do I know how many treatments I will need?

Each guest is unique! Dr. Lourens will evaluate a range of factors including age, what areas you wish to treat, how deep the wrinkles and lines are, etc. She will then discuss with you her recommended treatment plan.

Who administers the Sculptra treatment at Age Management Institute in Calgary?

Age Management Institute owner and anti-aging expert, Dr. Lizette Lourens does all Sculptra treatments. In addition to her training in a range of cosmetic injectable treatments, Dr. Lourens has also trained with world-renowned Dr. Braun, specifically for Sculptra.

I know I’d like to increase the volume in my face but how do I know which filler treatment I should get?

It’s easy to be confused by all the options available, but don’t be! That’s where the knowledge and experience of our anti-aging experts is crucial.

Dr. Lourens explains, “at Age Management Institute, we are pleased to provide a range of exceptional anti-aging facial cosmetic fillers to assist our guests in looking their best. We offer Botox, cosmetic fillers, Selphyl, the Vampire Facelift, and now, Sculptra. Our role is to help educate our guests. As an experienced injector, I can determine which treatment option is best for each individual guest to achieve optimum results”.

I’ve never heard of it before. Is Sculptra new?

Not really! Sculptra has been approved in Canada for aesthetic medicine and reconstructive use since 2006, and has been used since 1999 in more than 150,000 patients in over 30 countries.