Always on the lookout for effective treatment options, Dr. Lourens has brought Introfill to her practice, a new machine enabling natural skin regeneration using the age-old method of micro-needling in combination with the modern way of stimulating collagen using PRP (platelet rich plasma or Selphyl).

Collagen production takes time but has long-lasting results. For faster, visible results, the Introfill machine can be infuse liquid hyaluronic acid as well, creating instant hydration of the skin while the collagen production is underway.

Age Management Institute has created the perfect equation for skin tightening and rejuvenation –

ReViva Complete for Face + Décolleté

Get The ReViva Complete with Introfill including:

VenusViva treatment

+ 1 Selphyl Treatment

+ 1 Vial of Liquid Hyaluronic Acid

=  just $1000 for your whole face

 + Décolleté add $500

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