Why Am I Taking This Supplement?

Why am I taking this supplement?

Why am I taking this supplementMost patients receive recommended supplements as part of Age Management’s wellness, hormone, successful aging and brain health programs.

We understand it can be overwhelming trying to remember why various supplements are prescribed, so we’ve created this summary of some of our most popular ones.

Berberine may be recommended for its anti-inflammatory effect, to lower insulin levels, and may also improve intestinal health and lower cholesterol.

Ceralin Forte is essential for brain health, supports liver detoxification and reduces free radicals to assist in healthy aging.

Inositol is recommended for stress reduction, to ease anxiety, moderate mood swings and reduce depressive symptoms.

NAC may reduce the severity of mild traumatic brain injury and improve cognition. An essential supplement to mitigate environmental toxicity.

Theracurmin is a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces tissue damage and combats “silent inflammation”.

Vitamin D is crucial to maintain healthy bones, fight osteoporosis, maintain heart and blood pressure health, and fight depression. 

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