FemiLift for vaginal rejuvenation

We’re bringing sexy back.Femilift vaginal rejuvenation in Calgary

Dr. Lizette Lourens of Age Management Institute in Calgary is the first in Western Canada to offer FemiLift™, a quick, safe, highly effective and minimally invasive solution for feminine health.

Just as aging changes other parts of your body, changes occur naturally “down there”, too. Yes, we’re talking about your vagina.

Childbirth, hormones, menopause, aging, weight fluctuations and some medications can impact the vagina and your sexual health. But a healthy sex life is part of healthy aging and we want to help you get you back in the bedroom game.

There’s an easy solution for vaginal rejuvenation and urinary incontinence – FemiLift™.

FemLift™ is a fast, simple treatment for restoring tightness to the vagina, increasing natural vaginal lubrication, restoring your body’s response and improving your sex life – along with your confidence.

The treatment is administered by Dr. Lizette Lourens, using a CO2 laser to provide thermal heating and pixelated, fractional energy to deliver microablation around the entire vaginal wall. The laser treats the area, stimulating collagen production to restore the tissue. It’s completely hygienic, as each guest will receive their own personal acrylic cover for the administering of the treatment.

Best of all, FemiLift™ is fast (you’ll be in and out of your appointment in about 30 minutes!), it’s effective and patients report no pain, though some note minor discomfort. And there’s no down time, however it is recommended that you refrain from vaginal intercourse and use of tampons for three days following your FemiLift™ treatment.

FemiLift™ for vaginal rejuvenation generally requires only one or two treatments, with many patients reporting a noticeable difference within days. The number of treatments and results will vary, depending upon the severity of your condition.

FemiLift™ is also effective in treating urinary incontinence.  Click here for more information on FemiLift™ for stress urinary incontinence.

The video below details more about FemiLift™ to tighten the vagina. The patient notes after just one treatment, her FemiLift™ experience ‘greatly improved…sexual sensation, lubrication, and not only did I notice it and was very pleased by those side effects…my boyfriend was, too.’

For your free consultation for FemiLift™ in Calgary and Canmore, call 403.609.2196 or email hormones@calgaryagemanagement.com.

FemiLift in Calgary