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Inositol for Stress Reduction

Inositol Supplement for Stress Reduction Many of us feel stressed out and anxious as we struggle to balance work, family, health and our personal goals. And the impending holiday season can create even more pressure. Try Inositol for stress management – Dr. Lourens calls it “nature’s valium”. Inositol helps : Reduce anxiety Ease sudden onset anxiety […]

Healthy Aging Program for Men and Women in Calgary

Frustrated by your lack of sexual desire? Has your get up and go, got up and left? That’s how many of our clients feel when they first walk through our doors seeking help. Often they are not certain what is wrong – they just don’t feel like themselves. Many are suffering from lack of energy, memory […]

Should I buy organic produce or not?

Should I buy organic produce or not? If you’ve done any reading about organic produce, you’ve heard about the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15”. While catchy, that list isn’t complete. Here’s our checklist of what to buy organic and what doesn’t need to be organic. Bookmark this page or take a screen capture or […]

Sugar and cancer

Sugar fuels cancer cells. I always ask my patients how they changed their diet after being diagnosed with cancer. And their response is consistent – “I stopped eating sugar, preservatives and junk food”. They do that instinctively and after doing some research on their own. What I find strange is that such simple advice is still not […]