Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – BHRT

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, BHRT Calgary, ABOne of the secrets to maintaining health and vitality as you age is ensuring hormones remain at optimum levels and properly balanced.

Lower hormonal levels result in a gradual deterioration of all organs including your skin. But the reality is, we lose the majority of our hormones during our 40s and 50s; therefore we are living many years without the benefits these essential chemicals provide, unless we undergo some form of hormone therapy.

Restoring these hormones using bio-identical hormones through a properly supervised bio-identical hormone replacement therapy program can help offset some of the changes associated with aging, improving our quality of life.

There is a delicate balance between all the bio-identical hormones that need to be maintained for bio-identical hormone therapy to be safe. We are all genetically very different and so are our hormone therapy requirements. At Age Management Institute’s wellness boutique, we are committed to the well being of our clients. We believe in effectively measuring levels and ratios of existing and prescribed bio-identical hormones for the health, safety and satisfaction of every guest.

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